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Grants to Organizations

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island invests in programs that support children with health issues or disabilities across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.
We support programs and services in the following three investment areas:

  1. Great Beginnings — we believe babies and pre-schoolers should have the best possible start to life. This means supporting perinatal, early intervention and therapeutic programs across the Island.
  2. Tools to Succeed - we want children to have the tools they need to improve their health and quality of life. This means mental health and therapeutic supports, educational programs, specialized equipment and programs that facilitate inclusion for a child with a physical or developmental disability.
  3. Caring for Families – when  a child has a serious health or disability challenge, the whole family experiences stress, and we want to support the family so both child and family receive optimal care. This means supporting parenting programs, respite care and assistance accessing services.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors in 2015/2016, we will invest $2.2 million in programs that remove barriers and create opportunities for nearly 40,000 children and youth with disabilities or health challenges on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Total Funding Disbursement 2015/2016

Click here for a complete list of programs and organizations that will receive funding from Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island in 2015/2016.