Areas of Investment

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island plays an important role in supporting services for children and youth with disabilities and health challenges and their families. The Foundation has a long history of funding specialized rehabilitation and mental health services delivered at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health, and also supports organizations and programs for children across the Island and Gulf Islands.

We help make a difference in the lives of children in many ways—we provide direct support to individuals and families; we invest in effective programs delivered by partner organizations; we research best practices; we support innovation and collaboration; and we build partnerships to address emerging issues.

Our mandate is to serve children and youth with disabilities (physical and mental) and health challenges and their families across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Children with disabilities:

A disability can be a physical (mobility) or developmental (cognitive or intellectual) condition that impacts daily life.

Children with health challenges:

Children can either be born with a health challenge (like a heart defect) or they can acquire a health challenge through illness or accident.

Children with mental health challenges:

A mental health challenge could include, but is not be limited to, the following diagnosed conditions: anxiety disorder; attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; substance use disorder; conduct disorder; major depressive disorder; autism spectrum disorder; bipolar disorder; eating disorders; and schizophrenia.

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