Application for Families

Most of the people who come to Jeneece Place will be referred by social workers.

Families caregivers, and physicians can also make applications for accommodations.

To book a stay, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Call us at 250-479-9908 to book a room. Due to the nature of Jeneece Place, few families know exactly when or how long they will need to be in Victoria. Because of this, rooms cannot be confirmed until 24 hours prior to your booking.

Step 2:  Contact the hospital or physician you are going to see for a letter of referral. This letter should state the date of your appointment and approximately how long your stay will be.

Step 3:  Please make sure the referral is sent to Jeneece Place as soon as possible prior to your appointment.

Step 4:  Call Jeneece Place (250-479-9908) the day before your arrival date to confirm there is a room available. If there is no room available, staff can share a list of hotel contact information with you.

Please make sure you have alternate arrangements in case no room becomes available for you.

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