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Last year, the Courtenay Volunteer Fire Department donated a "Firefighter for a Day" gift certificate to the Comox Valley Butterfly Ball Auction. The past weekend the winner of the gift certificate, Amy Thomas, and friends were out with the members of the Courtenay Volunteer Fire Department for an exciting day of Firefighter training!  You can see videos of the experience here:  

Today we had Janine Diddens come by to make a donation to the Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. She presented us with this amazing Sesame Street Hanging Quilt!

This work of art was made with love and will be hung in a facility where it can bring many children happiness. We love unique donations like Janine's that show there are so many ways you can help children and give back to your community. 

Every month, kids arrive at Children’s Foundation of Vancouver Island’s office with bags filled with coins they raised through lemonade stands and birthday parties. It is truly moving to see how eager they are to support children who need a helping hand.

A few weeks ago we had Charlie and her brother Eamonn stop by to donate Charlie's birthday money! Big thanks to Charlie for helping us help children in need and spreading the joy of giving. What a wonderful tradition that she will be passing on to her younger brother. 

Davis at 8 months, with dad Jamie Ward

Moments after Davis Ward was born, he was whisked away from his parents and brought in for surgery at the Victoria General Hospital. His mother wasn’t able to hold him against her, or count his fingers and toes, or kiss the top of his head.

The unusual welcome to the world was expected by Davis’s parents, but it was heartbreaking all the same.

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is distributing a free copy of the Christmas storybook Island Santa to all grade 1 students in Oceanside, Comox Valley, and Campbell River (school districts 72, 71, and 69). In total, the book will be distributed to 1,457 students in 40 schools.

When:  Monday, September 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Where:  West Shore Child, Youth & Family Centre, 345 Wale Road, Colwood


September 14, 2015  VICTORIA, BC   Dean Freeman, chair of the board of Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, announced the election of three new board members: Dr. Maria Kang, Dr. Norgrove Penny, and Bryan Thomson (biographies below).

The board is now comprised of 14 community leaders from Vancouver Island.

July 21, 2015  COMOX VALLEY, BC   The inaugural Butterfly Ball Comox Valley, a father and daughter gala presented by Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, raised $37,000 (net) in support of the foundation’s Jeneece Place, the home away from home for Island families who travel to Victoria for their child’s medical care.

July 6, 2015  VICTORIA, BC  Trinity’s bike is light purple, with flowers. And more than anything this summer, the 8-year-old from Victoria wants to learn how to ride it – on her own, without training wheels.

She doesn’t want to be pulled by her mother. She wants to feel the wind on her face, feel the freedom and exhilaration – and most importantly, keep up with her younger brother.

When:  Wednesday, May 27 at 11:30 a.m.

Where:  Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, 2390 Arbutus Road
(little house at top of driveway going down to the Queen Alexandra Centre)

What: A yellow Lab puppy from BC & Alberta Guide Dogs—training to be a prospective Autism Support Dog or Guide Dog—will visit Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, who gave her the name Polly.

May 21, 2015  VICTORIA, BC   Victoria's only father and daughter ball, the Butterfly Ball, raised $44,000 (net) in support of Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, making it the most successful Ball in the Foundation’s history.

April 14, 2015  VICTORIA, BC   Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island announced today it will disburse $2,255,000 in funding to Island programs that support children and youth with disabilities and health challenges.

"Bleak future. Persistent vegetative state. She won’t live long.”

That’s what the doctors said about my baby. They patted me on the shoulder and told me to enjoy the time I had with her. I could see the pity in their eyes.

I took a deep breath before I unlocked the van’s doors and helped Kai and Travis, my twin boys, out of their seats. We were here — at the Queen Alexandra Summer Camp — for the very first time.

I was anxious.

The boys were nine and they were pretty scared too.

They wondered if camp would be fun and who would pick them up at the end of the day. Your regular, first-day-of-camp jitters that every kid you know probably has.

I would like to tell you the story of my son Ethan and how people like you have changed his life.

Ethan’s birth was a moment of pure joy. But that moment was short lived. Our beautiful baby had difficulty feeding, breathing and sleeping and had severe reflux. Doctors told us he was “failing to thrive.”

Our family spent countless hours seeing specialists. Ethan had tests and procedures, scopes and biopsies, plus two hernia repairs and his adenoids removed. We spent many sleepless nights watching over him, worrying and wondering about his future.

Making it easier for kids to smile — that’s the mission of Dr. Hugh Lamont, team orthodontist at Island Health’s Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic.

Finding out your child has a cleft lip or palate is shocking. You have so many questions — How will my child feed and get nutrients? When will he have surgery? Will his speech be affected? Will she be accepted by her peers?

Dr. Lamont has seen the plight of parents and kids hundreds of times over the course of his more than 30 years as an orthodontist.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Program — that’s the fancy name for what has come to be known as “The Stable Program,” an alternate therapy for children who are navigating mental health challenges. The program often sees success where traditional therapies haven’t been a good match for a child.

Our West Shore and Sooke Child, Youth & Family Centres were built to provide families in those communities with a one-stop location for child health services.

Carmen Hammond was shocked when the technician doing her 8-week ultra sound could hear two heart beats.

Then, the technician heard three. Three heartbeats = three babies!

Yes, it was triplets for the Parksville woman and her husband, David. The couple had imagined one day having two children together — but not at the same time!

Watched very carefully, Carmen had a healthy pregnancy, with no morning sickness. She delivered her babies at exactly 32 weeks on November 10, 2013.

Our preemie daughter, Kimowan, was six days old when my husband and I came to Jeneece Place. I had had a C-section and could barely walk, but I had been discharged so couldn't stay in the hospital with my daughter. We didn't know how long Kimowan was going to be in the hospital — she was only 1 lbs, 13 oz when she was born. I wanted to be by her side every minute, but we live 30 minutes from the hospital, and I couldn't drive because of complications with my C-section. I wasn't going to leave my daughter's side. I was prepared to sleep in the back of our VW Golf if I had to!


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